Alone we can
do so little;

we can do
so much.

- Helen Keller -

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    Georgia Transition Councils

    What are Transition Councils?

    Transition Councils are groups of people from a county or a group of counties working together to address the transition of youth with disabilities. 


    What do Transition Councils do?

    Transition Councils help students as they move from high school to employment, post secondary education, and/or independent living.

    • Transition Councils provide information to families and students on post-secondary options for further education, vocational and technical education, supported work, adult services, independent living services and community participation. 
    • Councils can also be student-specific, helping individual students with unique needs to have a successful transition by using targeted strategies. 

    Who participates on Transition Councils?

    Council members may include persons with disabilities, their families, employers, educators and agency representatives. 


    Why do we need Transition Councils?

    The work of Transition Councils benefit:

    • Individuals with disabilities and their families;
    • Employers - through the provision of a diverse work force; and
    • The community  - through the addition of productive citizens. 

    The Georgia Department of Education has four goals that impact how transition services are delivered in our state. They are:

    1. To increase the number of students with disabilities who graduate with a general education diploma.
    2. To decrease the number of students with disabilties who drop out.
    3. To increase the enrollment and completion of post-secondary education by students with disabilities.
    4. To increase the successful employment of individuals with disabilities after graduation.

    These goals can ONLY be met if students have meaningful goals for life after high school and transition plans that help them meet these goals. Transition Councils promote collaboration and cooperation between school district personnel, college and technical school programs and service provider agencies that will impact both individuals with disabilities and their communities. Their efforts are vital for youth to have successful transitions to work and independent living. 

    To find the Transition Council in your area, please search by county using the pull down menus.