Alone we can
do so little;

we can do
so much.

- Helen Keller -

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    Cobb, Marietta, Douglas Interagency Transition Council

    The mission of the Cobb, Marietta, Douglas Interagency Transition Council is to advocate together to provide resources for parents and teachers to support transitioning students in moving forward to achieve their highest level of independence.  At the monthly meetings, participants network, share information and new developments, and advocate for students/clients.  In addition, the council hosts an annual Looking Toward the Future Conference, which is a Transition Information Fair for self-advocating students and their families.  This event includes more than 30 vendors, and reaches than 200 students, family members, and educators.  Cobb, Marietta, and Douglas students serve as student ambassadors during the conference, acting as guides, register guests, and provide photography services.

    This council meets the first Thursday of each month during the school year from 1-3 PM, and the meetings alternate between the Tommy Nobis Center and the Douglas County School District Annex building. 

    For more information on the Council, please contact Karla Wade.

    Phone: 678-581-6801678-581-6801